We offer assistance to the elderly, disabled, people with physical difficulties through an escort service and transportation to and from medical facilities and social care in order to allow their full enjoyment

We perform music therapy activities for the elderly guests and guests in residential community organize recreational / sports activities, art / theater aimed at the integration of disadvantaged and / or disabled people

We organize entertainment activities and recreational-musical-educational workshops for children

We promote social activities with the organization of musical performances, theatrical and “Feste District” open to all free of charge to promote social aggregation and multicultural integration especially in disadvantaged or marginal neighborhoods

We offer basic necessities and comfort to the homeless

We offer basic courses of foreign languages ​​and Italian for foreigners, and school help for school children

We collect clothes and objects suitable for re-use to be allocated to the most needy for free

We organize awareness about the Association stalls and publicizing the aims and initiatives carried out by the association

In synergy with the Christian Association of Deborah and Carol Onlus also we operate in support of ongoing projects in favor of children with serious problems in West Africa.