Dear Mr./Mrs. ……………………………………………………….,

I am writing to you on behalf of the Comforters Christian Home, an organization that gathers funds to assist orphans and needy in Edo State and world at large. The Comforters Christian Home for Orphans & Needy has functioned for over 3 years and has earned the reputation of a reliable and enthusiastic organization that has helped to better the lives of hundreds of both youths and children. We are calling on you, since you are well-known for your charitable donations. We hope you might want to perform another notable act of philanthropy and help our beloved children and youths in the society.

As you might have known, there are in hundreds and thousands of orphans and the less privilege in Edo State. Many of them are specially gifted and talented but lacks the opportunities that would have help them develop these abilities to realizing their dream. Hence, the Comforters Christian Home for Orphans & Needy has passionately decided to initiate a vocational education program aimed at training less privilege in helping them develop their vocational skills to become self-employed; These skills include; hairdressing, fashion designing, agriculture, auto mechanics. We believe that the growth and development of a nation depends greatly on we want to contribute our quota to nation building and to also provide Primary Education for our Orphans and needy.

However, the lack of fund is a significant issue for this project. Many of these orphans dream of a life-long career in different vocations even when they cannot afford a formal education, and you can help them get closer to their dream.

All donations will be transferred to the Comforters Christian Home bank account and used for administration, registration of participants in their Schools and choice of training and set-up business for participant upon completion of training. Our estimated cost for (150 persons) for this project is ₦11,621,500.00 (Eleven Million, six hundred and twenty-one thousand, five hundred naira only).

We will appreciate your enormous donation that will provide the much needed materials and other cost implications that will go a long way removing our young children form the street and make them the future leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your understanding and support. Your help will be invaluable; with it, Comforters Christian Home will become a good starting place for young gifted and talented orphans.

Account Details:

Comforters Christian home for orphans and needy.

Zenith Bank

1014230584(Naira Account)

5080105986(euro Account)


Oseni Usman
Zonal Coordinator
Benin City Branch
Edo State