Some of you might wonder how I came about this foundation of helping the needy; it came as a result of the hardships I experience as a child and at different stages of my life.

I want to use this medium to encourage, strengthen and admonished anyone that might be reading this at this time that life is in stages and men are in phases, life will be better with helpers in it, so God put it in my heart to bridge the gap.

As a child I lost my parents before I was 12years old, I was so sick that I became blind, my father’s kinsmen took all my father’s properties says we are girls because I had a sister who was elder to me, I usually had chronic headaches called migrane now. My mother’s best friend used me inspite of my condition in a farm after that I was passed to my elder sister who I stayed with and help with every chore, farm and her children errands but refused to pay N6 for my school fees. This is why my foundation pays school fees for those who are willing to attend school. Some one wanted to pay my school fees for me at a time but my guardians refused. I and my sister had no cloths on even at Christmas that’s why we give cloths at Comforter’s Christian Home, because I had only a little towel to tie around my chest. After one of the Christmas, one of my aunty came to pick me to Sapele in Delta state to stay with her, I thought this was going to be the deliverance I had been waiting for but it ways worse, she refused to send me to school or learn any handiwork, one man paid for the afternoon session school for me as soon as she found out she put me on a trailer to my village at once. This is the reason I make sure I pay for vocational skills for the needy.

Even my mums favourite child my elder brother refused to take me in after all these ordeal this is also why we provide homes for the homeless.

As I grew into adolescence suitors started asking my hand in marriage my sister selected one for me against my wish after paying for the traditional rites I was shipped to my husbands house like a commodity.

As I got to my husbands house in Sapele and met him and his friends eating coconut and garri and they beckoned on me to come and eat with them. So I realized that my husband was a lazy tailor who wont meet up to customers needs and all negotiations  always ended up in fight without payment. That’s how my life started as a woman, I started doing petty trade with little or no capital, I sold cartons, tin tomatoes and anything I could lay my hand on so that at the end of the day I can feed myself and my husband. This is the reason we also help women that have jobless husbands.

I moved from selling tin tomatoes to cement papers which at AT & P a man at that time gave me plenty paper for free and life was easier at this time. As I got back home one day I met a woman in my husbands house when I came back from work which I found out had 3 children for him when she saw that I was the breadwinner she left again at this time I became pregnant and started having my children. This is why at comforters Christian home we help the helpless pregnant women because sometimes I had some of my children at home because there was no money to go to the hospital.

I fell into a trance where I saw war trodden places children crying without their mothers and fathers and homeless children all over the place. And the Lord Jesus Christ told me to take up the responsibilities of caring for these people and more since I could understand to the fullest the meaning of hardship. So I use this medium to call on you philanthropist and anyone who want to lend a hand to the needy the way we do in comforters Christian home to join me in this God given mandate you can give us cash, cloths and machines that the vocational skills students can use like sewing machines, hair dryers,welding machines, electrical tools and many more. We also drill boreholes in villages that need water; you can also support us in doing that. God loves a cheerful giver. God bless you richly as you support us.



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