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Youth Empowerment for Orphans and the Needy

Executive Summary

The Comforters Christian Home is established to provide Hope for the needy and CARE for the orphans in Nigeria and beyond.

Apart from the timid unemployed graduates in Nigeria, there is also in the street orphans/less privilege who cannot afford the formal education or take a vocation training that would make them self-employed and be financially independent.

These has led to high insecurity of lives and properties; poverty; human trafficking and economic imbalance in our society.

As against this backdrop, the Comforters Christian Home for Orphans and Needy is therefore passionately seeking for grants from prospective collaborators and sponsors to assist our great country in ameliorating the poverty level and the sufferings of the people especially the Orphans and other less privileges in our society.

The area of focus for the purpose of the grant is on Primary School Education for the Orphans and vocational trainings in tailoring in hair dressing/barbing; fish farming; poultry; automobile etc.

Upon feasibility study and market survey, a total budget of ₦11,621,500.00 (Eleven Million, six hundred and twenty-one thousand, five hundred naira only) was put together to sponsor the in the above listed areas respectively. See breakdown in the proposed budget below.

The Comforters Christian Home is therefore by this assertion soliciting for the sum of ₦11,621,500.00 from Passionate donor to collaborate and support this cause in ameliorating the sufferings of our young Nigerians

For a couple of years back, the Nigeria Universities and other tertiary institutions produces an average of 500,000 graduates annually of which about 60% wanders in search of white collar jobs that are not available this day.

Apart from the unemployed graduates, there is also in the street orphans/less privilege who cannot afford the formal education.

Pertinent in Edo State are also the issues of human trafficking; street hawking and trading by teenagers; lots of abandon children who has now be taken over by orphanage homes and other vibrant youths who are supposed to be in school or engaged in craftsmanship trainings that will make them self-employed, but yet justify idle to perpetuate all sort of criminal acts.

Consequent upon the above, there has been a persistence increase in Nigeria youth restiveness owing to the corresponding massive growth in the population of our country and the limited resources available. Crime rate has been on the increase; especially in the North East and South-South of the Country where you have the BOKO-HARAM and the Niger Delta Avengers respectively.

These has led to high insecurity of lives and properties; poverty; economic imbalance; etc.

The Nigeria government has made drastic efforts and policies to addressing these problems of unemployment and poverty in the home of the less privilege, but a lot still need to be done. Hence, the government needs other non-governmental organizations, voluntary bodies to earnestly support this course.

For this cause the Comforters Christian Home for Orphans and Needy is seeking for grants from prospective collaborators and sponsors to assist our great country in ameliorating the poverty level and the sufferings of the people especially the Orphans and other less privilege ones.

Embarking on this laudable projects will without doubt reduce insecurity in our society and contribute to the economic growth of our nation.

Development Objective

To help transform people’s lives (Orphans and the Needy) and to end the cycle of poverty in Nigeria and Africa at large

Immediate Objective

 To sponsor Primary School Education for young orphans; train and equip others in craftsmanship in the area of automobile; tailoring; hair/body styling and farming etc.


The CCH will employ the following process in executing this project:



  1. Make visit to selected Orphanage homes within the scope of project in order to identify and select orphans for training
  2. Forms will be made available for prospective orphans to fill-in their details and choices of desired training from the ones made available by CCH
  3. The services of a professional guidance and counsellor will be employed to guide applicants in making their desired choices of training
  4. Apart from the orphanage homes, the CCH will also identify and open room for the needy/less privilege youth in the communities within the scope
  5. Oral interview shall be conducted to justify and finalize the selection process
  6. Project/Training shall be segmented in “Phases” depending on the availability of spaces/venues
  7. Terms of Contract or agreement will be reached between CCH and the prospective trainers or Business owners and the School Headmaster/Headmistress on the period of training and academic session for beneficiaries
  8. Upon completion of training in the area of craftsmanship, the prospective graduals shall be awarded certificate of apprenticeship.
  9. In addition, a certain some of money as initial capital shall be made available for the trainees to start up their business
  10. The prospective students and trainees shall be supervised by the CCH within a period of academic sessions and training, to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.
  11. In future, some of the established trainees will become facilitators/trainers for the furtherance of this project

Project Scope

The scope of this project will include but not limited to the following:


  1. Applicants or the Orphans/Less privilege shall be selected from Edo State and other neighboring States regardless their State of origin for empowerment
  2. For the purpose of this particular project, areas of education and trainings shall focus on the following:
    i. Sponsor orphans at Primary Level Education for a maximum of 6years
    ii. Farming e.g. fishery, poultry etc.
    iii. Auto-mobile
    iv. Tailoring
    v. Styling e.g. hair stylist, manicure & pedicure etc.
  3. Reputable Public Schools, artisans’ and training venues shall be carefully selected within Edo State in the first stage of this project. Subsequently, provision shall be made to expand the scope
  4. The duration of training or apprenticeship shall be relative to the choice of training by applicant. See training schedule in appendix 1 below
  5. All prospective participants shall be awarded certificate
  6. For trainings, all participants shall be mobilized with initial capital to start-up their respective business they were trained

Note: the pilot stage of this project will last for a total period of 27 months as stipulated in the time table above. This may be adjusted subsequently depending on the outcome of the general evaluation of the execution of this pilot stage.

Note: the above budget is inclusive but not limited to the following elements:

  • Cost of duration of apprenticeship
  • Cost of certificate
  • Cost of mobilization of participants to start up business  etc.

This project will be coordinated by a top most rank officer who will be regarded as “Zonal Coordinator”. His duties are to oversee the Training Supervisors in their various categories of the trainings.  He ensures timely and periodic feedback from the supervisors on the progress of participants.

Apart from the time table for the period of trainings, a schedule will also be designed to outline all required deliverables and their appropriate time to be meant.

Assessment test will also be conducted for participants periodically and at the end of training to ascertain their level of assimilation and understanding of the content of the training.

Finally, approvals and disbursement of fund for project will be strictly controlled by the endorsement authority where the Zonal Coordinator is a member.

Evg. Deborah Ajakaiye

Mr. Oseni Usman
Benin City, Nigeria

Pst. Omolo Dafe
Benin City, Nigeria

Next Step 1. Intending collaborator(s) or donor supporters may wish to make further enquiries from any of the endorser of the proposal if the need arises

Next Step 2. Collaborators or supporters are kindly requested to make their donor payment to a designated Bank Account(s)

Next Step 3. Upon the realization of 33.4% of the total amount contained in the budget, the project will kick-off as pilot phase 1 in the following order:

  1. Stakeholders meeting for review of project plan and other administrative preparation
  2. Procurement of equipment and materials for project take-off
  3. Distribution and collation of personal data/Guarantor form to identified participants
  4. Screening of participants records and scheduling of participants for training and as well as processing admission for the Primary School Pupils
  5. Project kick-off fully
  1. Oseni Usman
  2. Oseni Doris
  3. Pst Dafe Omolo
  4. Otumu Lucky
  5. Olaniyi Becky
  6. Micheal Lawsons

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